Face to Face, Cast concrete, 24" x 24" x 26"
 Beside a lake in Matsubarako Park
 Installed on a walking bridge
 Four fiberglass molds were created before going to Japan. They were used to cast the concrete sculptures during the two week residency. I am applying oil to a mold in this photo.
 Max Lofano, a current student working on his art degree at San Diego State, helped produce the concrete castings and install the work at the various sites throughout the town of Koumi. 
 The sculptures were made hollow inside so that they would be easier to move. Each half of the finished artworks still weighed roughly 100 pounds.
 Max is mixing the concrete while I carefully pack it into a fiberglass mold.
  Concrete castings waiting to be installed
 I am installing one of 16 sets of sculptures
 Max helped me load and unload the sculptures from the work site to the installation sites.
 Exhibition reception and talk
 My wall sculpture, "Suspension 1" and two other Suspension works were also installed inside the museum.
Artists, Curators, Translators, Museum Staff
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